Javier Milei vs. Davos Man

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Javier Milei vs. Davos Man

January 22, 2024


This week, Eric, Dan, and Noah discuss Javier Milei’s speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Did the Davos set know what they were getting into when they invited him? How important and refreshing was it to hear a voice opposed to the elite consensus at Davos? Will anyone listen to him? Next, Donald Trump claims that a president can’t be the president without also being guaranteed full and complete immunity from prosecution. Is there any legal basis for this? What will be the consequences of the continual degradation of norms in our society? And finally, South Africa brings a case against Israel for genocide at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. Does the case have any merit? And does international law even really exist? 

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Davos 2024: Special address by Javier Milei, President of Argentina | World Economic Forum

Javier Milei Speech at the World Economic Forum | Video

Argentinian prez Javier Milei kills ’em with common sense as he scolds Davos elites | Douglas Murray, New York Post

The Intellectuals and Socialism | F.A. Hayek

Trump, awaiting ruling, says presidents must have ‘complete and total’ immunity | NBC News

Trump invokes ‘rogue cops’ and ‘bad apples’ to explain why he needs total immunity | The Independent

Israel rejects genocide charges, tells World Court it must defend itself | Reuters

Mere Natural Law with Hadley Arkes | Acton Line


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