Jimmy Lai Trial Day 77: Judges Rejects Defense’s Request to Recall Cheung Kim-hung

Jimmy Lai, founder of Next Digital and Apple Daily, along with three associated companies, is charged with “conspiring to collude with foreign forces.” The case proceeded to its 77th day of hearings on Thursday at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts (acting as the High Court).

Previously, the defense sought to recall the former CEO of Next Media, Cheung Kim-hung, to question him about the Slack platform. After closing arguments from both sides, the judge on Thursday rejected the defense’s request, stating that Jimmy Lai, as a member of the Slack chat group, could not have been unaware of the internal communication practices among employees or the existence of the Slack platform. The court also stated its responsibility to protect the rights of both the defense and the prosecution, asserting that refusing the defense’s request would not prevent Lai from receiving a fair trial. Post-recess, at the request of the defense, police officers were summoned.

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