Look What You Made Us Do (Discuss Taylor Swift)

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Look What You Made Us Do (Discuss Taylor Swift)

February 5, 2024


This week, Eric, Anthony, and Dylan are joined by John G. Grove, managing editor of Law & Liberty, to discuss his essay in the Winter edition of Religion & Liberty, “The Gods of the City.” Is Christian nationalism a real thing? What is the proper interplay between faith and government? Then Emily joins the show to discuss the way-too-online theory that the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship, and even possibly the Super Bowl, is actually a psyop or deep-state conspiracy. But setting aside that silliness, shouldn’t conservatives be holding up Swift and Kelce as an example of a courtship done right? And finally, social media CEOs were on Capitol Hill for their annual congressional hearing/public beating. Is there a role for the government in helping parents handle kids and social media? Or do we just need better parenting?

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The Gods of the City | John G. Grove, Religion & Liberty

The Existential Threat of Anti-Christian Nationalism | D.G. Hart, Religion & Liberty

This Lawmaker Wants to Jail People for Watching Porn | Rolling Stone

The ‘Taylor Swift Psyop’ Freaks Need to Go Outside | National Review

Hawley presses Zuckerberg to compensate online harm victims | Axios


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