Messing with Texas

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Messing with Texas

January 29, 2024


This week, Eric, Dan, and Emily discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling lifting an injunction that prevented the federal government from removing razor wire installed by the state of Texas at the southern border. What did SCOTUS actually do here? What are we supposed to do in this bizarre situation where the federal government will not enforce federal law but doesn’t want states to enforce it either? Will political incentives prevent any definitive action? Next, Alabama executed a death row inmate using nitrogen hypoxia, after previous attempts using more common methods had failed. How should people of faith think about the death penalty? Are our attempts to avoid supposedly cruel and usual methods like firing squads and the electric chair leading to less certain and possibly more inhumane methods? And finally, what does the Ayodhya Ram temple’s inauguration by Indian prime minister Modi tell us about the place of religion in Indian public life?

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Divided SCOTUS grants Biden administration request to cut Texas’ razor wire | Axios

Letter from Texas Governor Greg Abbott

What Part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand? | Reason

The U.S. had its first execution by nitrogen gas. Here’s what to know. | Washington Post

Why India’s New Ram Temple Is So Important | New York Times


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