“The Hong Konger” Documents Hong Kong’s Struggle To Keep Its Liberty [Cedars]

If I wrote this review in Hong Kong, I could be arrested.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) instituted a new national security law over Hong Kong. Anything that the CCP defines as “a national threat” could be deemed dangerous, and citizens of any country could be charged. This definition is left intentionally vague, and the law was reportedly passed before the contents were released. Pictures of Hong Kongers protesting this new and dangerous law sparked public outcry. However, in the middle of American turmoil, the security law and issues relating to Hong Kong have been pushed into the background.

The filmmakers at Acton Institutes set out to change that through the documentary, “The Hong Konger.” The film follows the story of China’s takeover of Hong Kong, and the city’s resistance, and intertwines it with the life and actions of businessman turned media tycoon and activist Jimmy Lai.

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